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Clever Thrillers without a Murder

No horrible murders. No sick cops or killers. No endless clues and false leads. A much bigger world – that of big corporations, the super-rich, finance and States. Of their greed and lies – to maintain their privileges. Of their intersections and power games with civil society, progress and justice. The perfect setting for breathtaking and engaged adventures, lucid and optimistic. Idealistic too, where love and seduction leave a mark. An entertaining fiction – on issues that touch. On the permanent and uncertain struggle between democracy and capital.


"I love writing. The words, the narration, the plot. And the sheer pleasure: dialogs ..." Passionate about news and politics, Jean-Cédric Michel practices and observes this world since the end of the 1970s. Based in Geneva, passed through New York and California, a lawyer, skier and globetrotter, he is also a blogger known for his good-humored and sharp posts.

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